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Christmas On an Iceberg

Hey there. I hope too many of you haven’t been confused wondering what I’ve been up to. Well. these days I’ve been playing and writing music. I wrote six songs and recorded them and put them together in an EP called “Christmas On an Iceberg”. My music project name is Our Voyage, and you can find more about that on my site,

Anyways, in case any of you still read my blog, that’s what is going on. I hope you guys have a good Christmas.



Pogo Bunny available now!

Hey friends!

My new game is out. Get yer bouncin’, egg-smashin’ action on with Pogo Bunny (Easter Edition)! I spent the past three weeks making this after injuring my foot, so it’s been all I’ve been able to focus on. I’d really appreciate if you buy it.


You can get it on:

iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad via the App Store:

Nook Color, Nook, Tablet, Nook HD via Barnes and Noble:

Android via Google Play:

Android via Amazon:

And, check out the website I made for it: You guys are seriously awesome for reading this, and supporting me and my game. THANK YOU. I hope you have a great Easter!