Leaf Catcher

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Released April 2011, Leaf Catcher is a game about a snail named Mew who has to collect leaves for a science project but he gets abducted by aliens and is taken to the dwarf planet Pluto. There are 4 levels with challenging stages and enemies.

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What others are saying about Leaf Catcher:

“Leaf Catcher is a rather simple game. I found the first few levels difficult, but once I got the hang of it, the rest of the game came easily. It’s also perfectly appropriate; there’s nothing about the content to complain about here.” – CCGR Review

“I for one am impressed.” -JeTSpice Games

“Love the characters and the tilting is really fun. The levels are fun to conquer also. I highly recommend this to anyone!” -BetseyWR

“Amazing! A game for all ages! This game is pretty difficult. Requires focus. addicting!” -Anonymous